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Discover Your Roots with MyHeritage Family Tree Maker

I know you’re as intrigued as I am about delving into our ancestral roots. It’s always an exciting journey, uncovering the past and discovering more about ourselves. This article, honing in on the “MyHeritage Review & Free Trial,” will shed some light on how effectively MyHeritage helps in this fascinating exploration.

We’ll delve into its features and services, the quality of data it offers, why it may be a preferred option for you, and much more.

For individuals looking to understand their genealogy and family history better, MyHeritage offers extensive resources virtually at your fingertips. During the free trial period, you’d be able to access incredible tools such as family tree building and DNA testing services, providing insights into your ethnicity estimates with precision.

Understanding MyHeritage

My first encounter with MyHeritage was a pleasant surprise. Originally established in 2007, this company has become one of the leading platforms in the field of genealogy and DNA testing.

Understanding MyHeritage
Understanding MyHeritage

What is MyHeritage?

To put it simply, MyHeritage is your portal to your past. This platform offers services like constructing an extensive family tree and DNA testing to help individuals discover more about their history and origins.

Services Offered by MyHeritage

The spectrum of services offered by MyHeritage can be divided into two main categories:

  • Family Tree Building: This allows users like me to trace our lineage, identify our ancestors, and learn more about our heritage.
  • DNA Testing: With the help of this feature, I was able to get precise insights about my genetic makeup. From information concerning my ethnic origins to connections with potential relatives spread across the globe – everything was unveiled!

Make no mistake though; these features are only a glimpse into what MyHeritage provides. Their modern yet user-friendly interface makes the journey of discovery enjoyable while offering educational value simultaneously.

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Features of MyHeritage

Before going ahead and discussing my personal MyHeritage Review & Free Trial, let’s dive a bit deeper into the main features of MyHeritage. I believe the site mainly thrives due to two central features: Family Tree Building and DNA Testing.

Family Tree Building

The essence of MyHeritage lies in its intuitive family tree builder. This primary feature provides the base for exploring your historical lineage in the easiest way possible. I confess it’s impressive, here’s why:

  • Intuitive Interface: The interface for creating a family tree is straightforward – ideal even for those not tech-savvy. It employs user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality simplifying the entire experience.
  • Unlimited Use: Unlike some competitors, you can add an unlimited number of people to your tree at no extra cost.
  • Smart Search Functionality: The site automatically alerts you when it locates records or individuals that might relate to your family – exceptionally helping with research.
  • Document Upload Capability: You can attach documents, photos, and other related memorabilia directly on your trees ensuring no detail is overlooked.

I have personally found these aspects both immersive and genuinely helpful during my dive into exploring my roots.

DNA Testing

Equally riveting as building an ancestral map is MyHeritage’s cutting-edge feature: DNA testing. This service has been a breakthrough in understanding not only our families but also ourselves better.

From my experience so far:

  • Ethnicity Estimates: Based on comparison data from over 40 ethnic regions worldwide, you receive a percentage breakdown of each ethnicity that comprises your unique DNA.
  • DNA Matching: This cool tool helps identify relatives who share similar strands of DNA with you – often revealing unknown relations.
  • Raw Data Download: You can download raw genetic data for further analysis or use elsewhere if required.
  • Integration with Family Tree Builder: The genetic data can merge with the family tree map providing deep, well-rounded insight into your lineage.

To summarize, both DNA testing and the building of a family tree form the core of MyHeritage’s offerings and largely influence my positive review regarding their services.

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Why Choose MyHeritage

MyHeritage is a popular platform for discovering family history, constructing family trees, and genetic testing. It has carved out a unique niche in the genealogy landscape by offering user-friendly tools combined with advanced features. Individuals who wish to delve into their ancestry might find MyHeritage an excellent resource for several reasons:

  • Extensive International Databases: With billions of historical records from around the world, MyHeritage gives users the ability to research and connect with family histories across diverse geographic regions, making it ideal for international genealogical research.
  • Sophisticated DNA Testing: MyHeritage offers DNA testing kits that provide detailed ethnicity estimates and help you find relatives based on shared genetic sequences. Their DNA matching technologies can link you to relatives you never knew existed.
  • Smart Matching™ Technology: This feature automatically finds connections between your uploaded or constructed family tree and other trees within the platform, potentially unlocking new branches of your family history without requiring exhaustive manual searches.
  • Global Community: By using MyHeritage, you become part of a vast community of users around the world. The platform’s social aspect facilitates collaboration and information exchange with others who may be researching similar ancestry lines or geographical areas.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The website is designed for easy navigation regardless of one’s tech proficiency level. This accessibility means anyone—from casual hobbyists to serious genealogists—can effectively use its tools without facing a steep learning curve.

By choosing MyHeritage, people interested in learning about their lineage have access to technology that makes researching one’s heritage more accessible and engaging than ever before.

Comparing Prices With Competitors

When comparing MyHeritage with services like and 23andme, it’s important to look beyond just the base price. We also need to consider what each service offers for that amount.

  • They offer a range of memberships based on access levels. Their U.S. Discovery membership costs $99 per year, while the World Explorer membership is $149 annually. The All Access level, providing full access to all records and services, would set you back $199 yearly.
  • 23andme: Known for their genetic testing services, they have a Health + Ancestry Service priced at $199. This includes reports on ancestry composition, health predispositions, and more.
  • MyHeritage: On the other hand, provides three different subscription levels – Premium for $129/year which covers basic family tree size and research; PremiumPlus at $209/year with advanced DNA features; and finally Data with full access to historical records priced at 189$/year.

It’s clear from these comparisons that while MyHeritage isn’t necessarily the cheapest option on beard value alone – it does provide a comprehensive suite of features across its pricing tiers providing users much value for money spent as compared to competitors who may charge extra for similar features or potentially offer less overall.

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How accurate is MyHeritage’s DNA test?

MyHeritage’s DNA tests are highly accurate, using advanced technology to analyze over 700,000 genetic markers.

For how long is the MyHeritage free trial?

The MyHeritage free trial lasts for 14 days, providing ample time to explore its features.

What features can I access during the free trial period?

During the free trial period, you can create a family tree, search their global database of records, and use the advanced photo tools.

How does MyHeritage safeguard my data?

MyHeritage uses industry-leading security measures like SSL encryption to protect your personal information and confidential data.

Is it easy to cancel the subscription after the free trial of MyHeritage?

Yes, canceling a subscription after the Free Trial is straightforward; simply navigate through your account preferences on their website and follow the cancellation steps.


Looking back at my time using the MyHeritage service during its free trial period, I am truly impressed.

From efficient DNA testing to the surprisingly fun family tree builder, MyHeritage has far exceeded my expectations. It has smoothly integrated all its features into a user-friendly platform that is quite easy to use.

While there are areas that could be improved, they are minor compared to what this platform offers. The comprehensive and accurate information provided by MyHeritage confidently outclasses similar services in the market.

Considering their reasonable pricing–especially when contrasted with competitors like and 23andme–I would say it’s well worth a subscription after the free trial.