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A new section has been added to the website that includes news events related to Charles Darwin. This section will be updated as more events are announced in the news media.


Darwin's Library gets Digitized:
July 2011: Darwin’s library amounted to 1,480 books, and 730 of them are filled with his own research notes in the margins. His personal library is now in the process of being digitized and placed online. So far only 330 books have been scanned, and you can see them for yourself at the Biodiversity Heritage Library on their website located here.

Recent addition - Darwin's burial:  
Perhaps you have heard that Charles Darwin was buried next to Sir Isaac Newton. This is not true! Find out the exact location of his burial site by CLICKING HERE.
Charles Darwin News Update:

DATELINE: March 12, 2007 - The personal diaries of Emma Darwin have gone online and span about sixty years of her life. The diaries provide us with a great deal of information on the family life of Charles Darwin, his wife, Emma, and their children. The 60 pocket diaries contain appointments, illnesses, family visits, and a wealth of other information on Darwin's personal life. "These books were found in a cardboard box in an old cupboard about 20 years ago," said the director of Darwin Online, Dr John van Wyhe. "People weren't really interested in the day-to-day Darwin then, just the Origin of Species." The diaries are available online at Here you will find each page of Emma's diaries scanned and presented in an easy to navigate presentation.

See more events related to Darwin by CLICKING HERE.

Darwin letters go online:
The "Darwin Correspondence Project", in Cambridge England, has placed online every letter written by and to Charles Darwin for the years 1837 and 1859. The on-line database now contains more than 2,250 letters, and is still growing. In May of 2010 they published volume 15 of the Darwin Correspondence, covering the year 1870. You can find a link to their website in the Links Database section under the folders: "Darwin" - "For Scholars".