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Best UK and Irish Genealogy Websites: Your Ancestry Guide

Whether you’re exploring your family tree or just curious about your historical roots, knowing where to look can make all the difference. This guide centers on discovering the Best UK and Irish Genealogy Websites, furnishing you with top-notch resources to trace back those ancestors who have shaped your DNA. It pays attention to those must-have features every potential genealogist needs.

If you’re wondering where to start your journey into your family’s past, seek no further! The best places are undoubtedly the UK and Irish genealogy websites. This wealth of information opens an incredible door into previously undiscovered family histories, rich cultural heritage, and ancestral roots situated in either the United Kingdom or Ireland.

Top-Ranked UK Genealogy Websites

When it comes to exploring our past and tracing family lineage, the United Kingdom has a range of remarkable genealogy websites to assist us.

Top-Ranked UK Genealogy Websites

They present an exciting treasure trove of information ready for us to uncover.


I must confess that Ancestry is one of my go-to websites when I embark on any genealogical expedition. It is undoubtedly a powerhouse in the realm of genealogical research, offering a vast sea of historical records from the UK and beyond. To be specific, you can get access to censuses, military records, parish registers, and much more.

What makes stand out is its cutting-edge technology assisting users in uncovering their history conveniently. Its noteworthy features include ‘hints’ which provide potential links to relatives once you start building your family tree on their platform.

And if you’re worried about research costs spiraling out of control — don’t! They have flexible subscription rates for every budget- monthly and 6-monthly plans are available for £10.99/month and £54.99 respectively.


Another gem among UK genealogical platforms is Findmypast whose heart lies in aiding individuals reclaim their British or Irish roots with minimum fuss but maximum information!

What’s particularly interesting about this website compared to others is its ‘exclusive’ collections – Did you know they house Britain’s largest collection of parish records? Incredible, isn’t it? You’d also find newspaper archives stretching back 300 years!

However, blending unique data with cutting-edge technology sets them apart – their intuitive search mechanism lets you discover those hidden connections without hours spent trawling through data archives! Much like, Findmypast offers both free basic access and premium subscription options catering to various needs starting only at £10/month.


Last but by no means least, BMDregisters is worth your consideration. Specializing in antiquated birth, death, and marriage records (well, the name gives it off), it provides a window to a bygone era otherwise difficult to access.

Uniquely beneficial for researchers pre-dating the registration system in England and Wales (1837), you’ll find non-parochial and non-conformist records thanks to their partnership with The National Archives. Although subscription-based with plans starting from £5/day, the potential discoveries here might be priceless!

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Distinguished Irish Genealogy Websites

Moving on from the UK, let’s cast our attention towards the Emerald Isle – Ireland – which has its own treasury of genealogical resources.


One cannot mention Irish genealogy without invoking RootsIreland. It certainly spins magic for those tracing their Irish ancestry by providing access to 20+ million unique records that span over 200 years! Parish registers of baptisms, marriages, and burials; Gravestone inscriptions; Census returns; and Griffith’s Valuation are just a handful of data types available here for explorers like us.

Even better? Their databases are regularly updated ensuring the latest data availability at your fingertips. Although there’s a fee involved in availing full site access (starting at €25/month) considering the richness of content on offer plus the convenience it provides, I’d say it’s worth every cent!


Last but not least on our journey is irishgenealogy – A one-stop solution for official documentation-related genealogical research in Ireland. This website serves as a public primary source where you can view birth records over 100 years old, marriage records over 75 years old, and death records over 50 years old at absolutely no cost whatsoever!

This database is a treasure for genealogists as millions of records are digitally accessible that trace back our ancestry through the pages of history.

The biggest plus? Ease of use. Searching for records is a breeze with an interactive and user-friendly interface. Birth, marriage, and death certificates can be viewed and downloaded for free, which is a huge boon for anyone starting their genealogy journey on a budget.

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What is the best online resource for tracing my UK or Irish ancestry?

The “best” resource varies depending on your specific research needs, but highly rated options include and due to their extensive records and user-friendly interfaces.

Are there free options available when researching using these genealogical websites?

Yes, several genealogical websites offer free basic access to their databases; however, more extensive or specialized information may require a subscription.

Can I access these resources from outside the UK or Ireland?

Absolutely! These resources can generally be accessed globally as long as you have internet connectivity.

Does ‘best’ mean they show more accurate information or that they have more records?

A ‘best’ genealogical site typically refers to those that offer a wealth of reliable data, robust search tools, and ease of use for users rather than merely having the most records.

Do these websites offer support or guidance in my genealogical research?

Most top-rated genealogy sites offer comprehensive support including tutorials, FAQs sections, user guides, and customer support services to aid your research process.

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In the journey across the best UK and Irish Genealogy websites, we discovered an abundant heritage waiting to be unlocked. These sites, each with their unique features and functionalities, offer an invaluable aid to those questing after their roots.

Whether you choose a subscription-based model or decide to navigate free platforms depends on your needs and budget. Similarly, utilizing social media for your genealogical investigations can yield unexpected results. Overall, the chase of unlocking your ancestry is uniquely picturesque and rewarding; made even more accessible with these genealogy websites.