The ground floor of Down House as it existed in the 1870's.

[A] New Study (built in 1877, currently used as the visitor gift shop)
[B] Entry Hall (built in 1877)
[C] Old Study, where Charles Darwin wrote "Origin of Species"
[D] Billiard Room (Old Dining Room)
[E] Pantry (now used as office space)

[F] Cooks Room (now an elevator room)
[G] New Drawing Room (built in 1858)
[H] Stairwell
[I] Dining Room (Old Drawing Room)
[J] Kitchen (currently used as the Tea Room for guests)

[K] Scullery (no longer standing)
[L] Meat Storage (no longer standing)
[M] Verandah (built in 1872)
[N] Bay Window (built in 1843)
[O] Back Door (until 1845)

[P] Back Door (after 1845)
[Q] Front Door (built in 1877)
[R] Front Door (original)